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– Edith Södergran (1892-1923)


You looked for a flower

and found a fruit.

You looked for a well

and found a sea.

You looked for a woman

and found a soul –

you are disappointed.


At sixteen Edith Sodergran found out she had the same illness of which her father died. But despite her tuberculosis, she maintained spiritual health and strength that made her friend Hagar Olsson say of her: ”In that fragile woman’s body lived a burning activity and willpower that, if liberated, as in the shape of a commander-in-chief, could overturn worlds.” Even when she neglected her appearance and became the “crazy girl” for the villagers of Raivola she kept writing.  Even when a villager killed her beloved cat, she kept writing. Even when villagers mocked the way she walked, the way she stood still and stared silently up at the sky, she kept writing.



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Why this poetry…

Let’s begin with Helen Cixous’ Three Steps on the Ladder of Writing, and what she calls the three essential areas for “great” writing: “The School of the Dead, The School of Dreams, and The School of Roots.


from The School of the Dead

1. We Need a Dead(wo)man To Begin

2. That the Act of Reading or Writing Be a Mortal Act

3. What is Reading? It’s Eating on the Sly

4. The Author’s Crime Has It’s Legend

5. The Author Is in the Dark;

—–Self-Portrait of a Blind Painter

6. The Inclination for Avowal

7. Towards the Last Hour

8. We Need the Scene of the Crime


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Priscilla Atkins   Eleanor Leonne Bennett   Darren C. Demaree   Floydd Michael Elliott   Jeanette Geraci   Susan Gundlach   j/j hastain   Beth SK Morris   M. A. Schaffner   Daniel James Sundahl   Haley Van Heukelom   and   Leonore Wilson

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